Meet The Crocodile Team

Our team consists of husband and wife team Michael Dotson and Moira Beveridge, who met working at a popular and successful restaurant in Palo Alto over 11 years ago.

After they felt that they had gotten everything that they could out of their collective 10 years of experience there, they decided to hone their skills and they opened a restaurant together for a restaurant group in San Francisco. It was shortly after that they realized that they were ready to go out on their own and they build and opened Martins West Gastropub, a nod to Moira’s Scottish heritage, in Redwood City, California. Still in operation after 7 years it has begun to manage itself in a way that allowed Michael and Moira to open a restaurant based on the French Cuisine that Moira’s childhood experience was based upon and Michael’s culinary training began.

2 years ago, after years in the rat race of the San Francisco Peninsula, we decided it was time to settle down and start our family, and the only place we could see ourselves calling home was Sonoma County, which is to us, the perfect mix of culture, farming and of course, exceptional wine making.

Who is Michael Dotson?

Like any great restaurant, it is so much a personal statement of it’s chef; Michael Dotson was born and raised in San Diego and began his culinary career in 1985 and has been exclusively practicing and studying classic and modern techniques inspired by local farms.

Holding many roles in many restaurants, the role he suits best is Executive Chef. He was classically trained in French Cuisine under Norbert Schultz of Norbert’s, Brigitte’s and Allegro in Santa Barbara. He furthered his training in Europe with time in Lyon, Paris and Strasburg, with stops in the Burgundy and Champagne regions.

Spending time in some of France’s most highly acclaimed Chef’s kitchens. The flavor of the regions of France is where his true passion lies, stemmed from the fact that the micro climates of France mirror that of California, especially the wine region.

His passion for the restaurant business burns brighter today than ever before and that passion is the force that will energize and drive it to success. From the freshest beef to the best and predominately organic vegetables and simple preparations will come a cuisine of truth and depth not yet experienced in Sonoma Valley.

Who is Moira Beveridge?

Moira grew up in a restaurant family and was immersed in the art of hospitality at a very young age. Her restaurant “career” began at the age of 17, and she has held every role within the Front of House.

Growing up in Scotland, she spent summers travelling with her family to different countries in Europe, and the tradition while travelling was to rent homes and live like the locals for the entirety of their stay. Due to her families’ passion for the landscape, wine and history of France, the majority of these summers were spent in different regions within France. Mornings consisted of purchasing bread from the local patisserie, followed by a visit to the farmers markets, scouring the streets for the perfect lunch at a timeless French restaurant followed by daytime cultural activities then sipping wine enjoying French breads, pate’s, meats and cheeses purchased at the markets while playing cards with her family until it was time for bed. That, to her, was the true meaning of life.

After graduating from the California Culinary Academy in 2004 with a degree in Hospitality Management, she went directly into a management role and was part of a team at one of the best restaurants on the Peninsula. It was there that she continued to learn the art of hospitality.

With a passion for wine, it was here also, that she got to study a whole new world of exciting varietals that she had rarely encountered in the past.