Our Mission

Our mission at Crocodile is to do everything possible to make every diner’s experience at the restaurant the best it can possibly be. We will also strive to be the best restaurant that we can be in all aspects from the quality and creativity of our cuisine to our commitment to hospitality.

We promise to support our local community, growers and food suppliers as much as possible and we plan to continue to grow and learn both professionally and personally and to have fun while we do it. Our entire team consists of a staff who shares this common set of values and goals, from our partners to our wait staff, line cooks and busboys.

We pledge that all of us will be relentless in this commitment to not only our customers but to our local community, farmers, wineries and breweries. We realize that we have a responsibility to contribute to the community around us, as that community will contribute to and sustain our restaurant.

We hope to become the neighborhood restaurant for Sonoma County. This is a statement which we will embrace every day and use as a measure against our actions and decisions, big and small.