The Crocodile Wine Club


As a member of the Crocodile Wine Club each Month you will receive 3 bottles of wine.; they will be hand selected by Moira Beveridge (Owner and Sommelier) and will always follow a theme. Never will you receive the same bottle twice and we will do our best to wow you every month. The wines are often esoteric, but are always delicious.


The wines will be 100% French Varietals, more often than not, they will be produced produced in California or France. They are small production wineries and so they may not always be available for re-order. We try to exposed you to natural wines as much as possible; little to no intervention between the wine and the bottle.

We provide monthly details tasting notes with information about the region, producers, varietals and winemaking practices. It is our goal to expose you to new wines and to help you educate yourself so you can continue to buy wines that you love.

This club is for playful people who like playful wines.




$75 per month of $825 per year (one month free)




Perks: In addition to the already very cool bottles of wine, you will receive 25% off any wine purchased at Crocodile, either to drink there or take home.

For an example of the wines from the past you can visit our blog.

Please contact Moira for More information or to sign up.


Rules & Regulations:


  • Wines will be available for pick up on or after the last Monday of every month.
  • All monthly dues will be processed on the 1st of the month. If you need to update credit card information, please let me know 5 days prior to that date.
  • We are currently unable to ship wines.
  • Due to limited storage options, all wines must be collected within 60 days of the release of the wines.
  • Monthly memberships can be cancelled at anytime, but we will need 30 days notice.
  • Come and play with us at Crocodile and enjoy your 25% discount on any wines consumed on or off premise. If consumed on premise, the discount can be applied for wine club member and 3 guests.
  • If you refer 3 new members to the club, you get one month free!
  • If any wines from wine club releases would like to be re-ordered, please contact Moira directly.


Make sure you tag @crocodile on social media when enjoying the wines!